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capsorubin Strong coloring can be used in lipstick Can be used for coloring food medicine and cosmetics

capsorubin Strong coloring Can be used for coloring food medicine and cosmetics

Paprika Oleoresin capsicum is a high-quality raw materials, the use of advanced extraction process crafted a dark red oil-soluble oil-like liquid natural pigment. Its main ingredient is chili red pigment, Pepper Yuhong Su, rich in B-carotene and vitamin C, belong to the carotenoid, the adjustment of physiological metabolic functions. Capsanthin with high security, heat, light, free from the environment PH value and impact of metal ions can be widely used in aquatic products, meat, pastries, salads, canned food, beverages and other food, beverages, cosmetics as a coloring agent in the pharmaceutical industry as intermediates. Capsanthin is a pepper extract, is a carotenoid. Capsanthin is a carotenoid, is currently popular anti-oxidants. Chili pepper for the Solanaceae genus, spicy berries of the year to end or perennial herb, alias also Pepper, hot pepper, Qin pepper, spicy eggplant, sweet pepper, Caijiao, pepper and so on. Moisture content per 100g of fresh pepper 70-93g, starch 4.2g, protein 1.2-2.0g, Vitamin C73-342mg; chili main vitamin A. The spicy pepper is capsaicin (C16H27no3), capsaicin mainly in the placenta and the skin around the diaphragm into the table cells.   Pepper's medical role First, the pepper can burn fat Pepper contains capsaicin, accelerate fat metabolism and promote energy consumption, thereby preventing body fat accumulation. For people who are not good at spicy, use hot pepper can not be too impatient to lose weight, eat regularly, slowly adapt to the stomach irritation. Recently Japan has a new interpretation of pepper. In Japan, people think the chili to some extent, women's "tonic" rather than "enemies." Because they believe that, in addition to bactericidal effects, which also contains something called "capsaicin" substances, can promote the secretion of hormones, thus speeding up the metabolism to burn body fat to achieve the effect, and thus play a role in weight loss. And pepper are a natural and reliable, in addition, they also believe that in some areas dominated by spicy food, local women are rare acne problem skin more and more slippery. Second, the pepper can help Yen Chili pepper in the pH, can be strong new blood, expansion of the facial skin, blood vessels, improve facial circulation, so ruddy. Provided that enough is enough, be careful face acne outbreak. Pepper can promote blood circulation to capsaicin applied to the skin, will expand capillaries, improves circulation, leaving skin redness and fever. Manufacturers are already using these principles, the capsaicin into socks, a "pepper socks" for the winter warm. Pepper can reduce cold symptoms for thousands of years, often spicy food that can be sweating expectorant, it seems now that is true. Spicy food can dilute the secretion of mucus and phlegm is coughed up to help prevent airway obstruction. University of California professor Alvin Qiman even said: "Many pharmacies sell cold medicine, cough medicine efficacy and pepper exactly the same, but I think better to eat chili because it is completely without side effects." Third, the pepper can relieve pain The capsaicin in peppers can reduce the nerve cells of substance P, so that the transmission of pain signals become insensitive. Pepper can also be used to treat rheumatism. Since ancient times, pepper is often used to relieve pain, but scientists have recently learned that capsaicin can run out of neurotransmitters, while the conductive material can spread the message of pain and nervous system. Capsaicin pain through the principle of hot pepper paste has been used to alleviate the herpes zoster, trigeminal neuralgia and other pain. In the red, yellow pepper, sweet pepper, there is another component of capsanthin (capsanthin). The capsanthin is a carotenoid, is currently popular anti-oxidants. Raw peppers vitamin C content than oranges or lemons and more, a red pepper provide vitamin A nutrition expert almost half the recommended daily requirement. One kind of ointment containing capsaicin to relieve the pain of shingles is very effective. Fourth, the pepper can prevent cancer According to the research, Hu Bu pepper in the class can not only contribute to visual elements, but also has anti-mutation effect. Capsanthin prevent cancer from epidemiological studies, many spicy ethnic, such as Southeast Asia, India and other countries suffering from cancer, less likely than Western countries. Scientists speculate that these spicy foods, there are many antioxidant substances, oxidation and chronic disease, cancer and aging do have a direct correlation. Recent research indicates that the University of Hawaii, peppers, carrots and other vegetables, carotenoids can stimulate cells to convey messages between the genes (because cancerous organs, cells exchange messages between system failure), which may be important in cancer prevention on the function. Prevention of atherosclerosis with a red pepper 1 contains the required β-carotene, and β-carotene is a powerful antioxidant, can inhibit the low-density cholesterol (LDL) is oxidized to harmful patterns. Once LDL is oxidized, like butter in the fridge not the same, the material will become a bad block arteries. In other words, β-carotene in the initial stages of atherosclerosis, they begin to interfere


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